4 Roof Cleaning Tips for Great Lakes House Roofing

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4 Roof Cleaning Tips for Great Lakes House Roofing

Roof maintenance, whether as a DIY project or done by Staten Island Contractors, is mandatory. Without it, the roof will not last as long as it should. A poorly maintained or irregularly cleaned roof cannot serve its purpose well. The roof should be in excellent condition just like other parts of the house. Failure to clean and maintain the roof well will deny you the much-needed protection against the elements and dust.
What roof cleaning and restoration tips can a roofing contractor teach you?

Choose a Cleaning Method Based on the Roofing Material

As roofing contractors will show you, the roofing material is of great interest. The method of cleaning or maintenance you use depends on the roofing material. The material will inform the cleaning agents and tools to be used because some can be damaged by certain tools. For instance, asphalt shingles require gentle cleaning to avoid damaging the upper layers of protection. Gentle cleaning will keep the granular surface intact for longer. Ceramic tile roofs on the hand can withstand higher-pressure washing, but such pressure can damage concrete tiles and slate roofs. Bleach would damage roofs by corroding metal fastening. Itís also unsafe for the environment.

Clean the Roof at the Right Time

There is a good and bad time for cleaning the roof.
The best time is in summer because of the absence of snow, wind, or rain; which reduces the likelihood of slipping.

However, be careful when cleaning the roof in summer. Otherwise, the hot temperatures will cause the cleaning solution to evaporate before it does any meaningful work. Choose a calm and cloudy day in summer to do this work.

Avoid Pressure Washing

Expert roofers never use pressure washers while cleaning the roof. Pressure washing is notorious for loosening the shingles and causing serious damages to the roof. Also, it is worth noting that having too much expectation regarding how quickly the cleaning solution produces the desired results is unhealthy.

Be safe

When on the roof, be careful. Stay safe. Wear and use the right gear or equipment that protects you from slipping. Professional roofing experts donít take chances despite their expertise on such matters. Neither should you. Aside from using the right gear, only get on the roof when thereís lesser chance of falling.

What to do when cleaning

Never wait until the roof is full of moss and algae before taking action. As part of your roof cleaning expedition, expose it to as much sunlight as possible. Examine it for overhanging branches. Cut these branches. Remove all debris from the roof. Use a leaf blower where necessary to remove branches and leaves. Keep the roof free of anything that could destroy or damage it. The most important thing you can do to your roof is to give it as much attention as possible. Ignore the roof, and you will have numerous issues to solve.

Importance of Roof Reports

Lastly, write roof reports at least twice per year. The report lists all the existing and likely problems thus giving you ample time to fix them before they get worse. When carried out on time, roof repairs, restoration, and maintenance saves you a lot of money. Timely repair, restoration, and maintenance is cheaper than a complete roof replacement.

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