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Being environmentally conscientious begins at home. The waste that most Americans go through in a single day would astound you (hint, it’s something like 3 pounds!) For this reason it’s important to make good decisions about things like recycling and conservation. One of the biggest choices a household can make when it comes to conservation is the appliances they use. In this article we are going to talk about how to pick one of the biggest and highest energy usage appliances, the washer dryer.

Energy Star Rating

One of the most helpful standards for the environmentally friendly appliances is the energy star rating. It will tell you how much energy a certain appliance will use, and will even go as far to let you know how much it will cost you in a given year (for many people this will be where waste hits home).

You want to go with a washer dryer that is energy star approved, and take a close look at how much it will cost you. There may be some wide differences, so it’s OK to be picky in this regard.


Capacity of a washer/dryer (i.e. lavadora secadora in espanol) is one of the biggest decision factors for any purchase, regardless of your consideration for the environment. However it’s important to make this careful consideration as well, and not over-prepare for your needs. Getting a dryer that has too much capacity for your requirements will lead to excess waste (and cost).

Front-Load vs. Top-Load

This is probably the biggest factor when it comes to waste. The top load dryer uses significantly more water then front-loaders, and actually does a worse job at cleaning! Consider this: In order to full wash from a top load, it needs to fill nearly to the top with water. In a front load version, it barely needs to be one-fourth filled!

They are usually a little more pricey than top load options, but they are also generally better quality. You know the old saying, you get what you pay for!


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