Reasons to Invest in an Under-Sink Water Filter

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Water filters provide a number of benefits. Depending on the type installed, they can remove bacterial contaminants, lead, chlorine, and a number of toxins from water. Types such as the solid block filter remove the contaminants without affecting the level of useful minerals which keep drinking water at the right PH level. The result is water that is safe for drinking, and cooking. These benefits have led to the demand for water filters which are now widely available in different types.

One of the commonly used water filters is the under-sink filter which has a number of benefits making it a preferred domestic water filter.

Uses less space

Using a filter under the sink saves space on your kitchen workbench or anywhere else. Since it is kept out of sight, it also results in a less cluttered look thus has minimal impact on the overall appearance of the room.

Easy installation

These filters often come with installation instruction that makes it easy to install even if you don’t have extensive plumbing knowledge and expertise. Nevertheless, there are types which require some more plumbing skills than the average DIY practitioner can manage effectively.

Greater convenience

These filters allow you to get clean water straight from your kitchen or any other faucet where they have been fitted. It also means you can filter water coming from a single point; leaving the others where you don’t need filtered water such as the bathroom. This, of course, depends on the type of contaminants that are present in your water.


Under-sink filters are one of the most affordable types of filters available in the market. The maintenance costs are also considerably low compared to the other filter types. They don’t require much in terms of maintenance to keep them functioning properly. Different types are also efficient in water and energy use thus they are considered eco-friendly since they contribute to environmental conservation, no matter how minimal the contribution is.

Health benefits

Aside from removing contaminants such as pathogens, heavy metals, and pollutants such as pesticides and other chemicals from the water; water filters help reduce risks of water-related gastrointestinal diseases. There are also types of under-sink filters, such as the alkaline ones that enrich the water with minerals making it alkaline. With such filters, one can reap the benefits associated with alkaline water. These include:
‘ reduction of acidity in the body,
‘ colon cleansing and weight loss
‘ anti-aging benefits via fast-absorbed liquid antioxidants
‘ hydration and detoxifying properties that help improve skin appearance
‘ reduction in risk of rectal, colon, and bladder cancers
‘ better smelling and tasting water that is less costly
‘ improved overall health

Greater variety

There are a lot of options for those seeking under-sink water filters for their homes. Each of these types provides different benefits; some are having superior filtration power that removes a wide variety of contaminants.

These filters have a few disadvantages. A single filter is only used at a single point. Further, a separate tap is usually necessary for the filtered water. However, there are inline types if you don’t want to install a separate tap. Despite these drawbacks, under-sink filters are definitely an asset if you only need to filter water for specific use, say for drinking.

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