Why Residents of the Great Lakes Region Should Support Local Tree Protection Ordinances

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Tree protection ordinances serve a very important role. Without them, trees would be annihilated, surroundings destroyed, and the landscape remains in a terrible state. A proper understanding of these ordinances is essential, as you will notice below. Understanding these ordinances is not something worth leaving to tree removal experts alone. All residents have the responsibility of learning and familiarizing themselves with the ordinances. Local county and city councils enforce the ordinances. They have a legal basis and standing. Ordinances are legal; hence, local authorities might charge you in court for flouting them. So, how do the ordinances help residents of the Great Lakes Region?

Preserving Existing Trees

First, the ordinances help in preserving and protecting existing trees. They also help in protecting older specimen trees too. Without the ordinances, some highly valuable trees would face extinction. Some protected trees would also be prone to all manner of threats. The ordinances are crucial for protecting all special trees that grow in various parts of the Great Lakes region.

Protecting Against Unwanted Destruction

Ordinances are also highly effective at protecting trees from the unwanted and unnecessary destruction that occurs during construction. Trees are prone to destruction while putting up buildings and all manner of infrastructure. The ordinances stipulate the kind of evaluation that should proceed when checking the extent of damage that occurred during construction. The ordinances govern the remedial measures worth following to address the damages.

Govern Where to Plant Trees

Tree ordinances govern where to plant trees, especially along streets and in the parking lots. Parking lots need proper planning. Otherwise, they would be prone to a phenomenon known as “the heat island effect.” Shade trees are necessary for the parking lots to offset this phenomenon. The ordinances help understand the types of trees worth planting and where they should not be planted.

Powerful Conservation Tool

The ordinance is a powerful conservation tool. As the name indicates, it helps protect indigenous trees. It protects indigenous species that would otherwise be susceptible to total destruction. The ordinance is crucial in setting rules for removing unwanted or damaged trees legally. Places where ordinances are not enforced are notorious for illegal removal of trees. This is important in places where tree removal proceeds without following any rules or regulations.

Perfect for City Tree Management

Left to their own devices, tree owners might destroy too many trees while others might never trim them even when they pose a danger. The ordinances are crucial for ensuring that trees are properly managed. They define the responsibilities that city authorities and individual homeowners have in ensuring that the benefits of trees are enjoyed without posing any danger to humans, animals, and property. They provide a basis for educating residents of the Great Lakes region on the importance of tree care best practices. For example, it encourages the planting of new trees to replace old ones that were cut. In the absence of such ordinances, it would be impossible to find trees growing in different parts of the region. That would be disastrous for everybody.

Therefore, take time to study the local tree ordinances. Use the ordinances to hold your tree removal experts accountable. The Great Lakes region needs all the trees to remain attractive for aesthetic reasons and the environmental benefits.

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