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The value of trees to the environment and the world’s population cannot be disputed. However, trees are also prone to pests, diseases and damage; at times, making it necessary to take measures such as maintaining the distance between it and people or as drastic as removing the affected trees. It is important to check your trees for the following signs that your tree needs treatment or to be removed, and if you notice any of these signs, it is best to call professionals such as Bennett tree service.

1. It has Extensive damage

If more than half of the tree shows signs of damage, there’s a lesser chance of survival, and it may be necessary to remove it.

2. It is leaning

If you notice that a tree is leaning to one side, it needs to be examined well to determine the problem and its extent because failure to detect and address structural problems early can result in the tree falling with sometimes disastrous consequences. When it leans to one side, it is possible that the tree can fall easily if faced with harsh weather.

3. It is under a power line

If a tree grows under a power line, there’s the danger that should it or its branches fall; they can bring down power lines. This can cut off electricity supply to the affected places. Other dangers and types of accidents could possibly happen.

4. Strange Colorings

One of the problems associated with lots of different plantlife is that of disease.  Trees can get disease just like any other lifeform.  If you notice coloring or black spots on leaves you plants, consider calling a tree surgeon soon.

If you observe any of these signs in the trees around you need to take action soon. If you are just a visitor to the place, you can notify the owner and keep your distance from the hazardous tree. If you own the place, you should call in the tree professionals who will recommend appropriate measures to take.

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