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Skip rental has brought huge changes to communities, offices, and residential homes all over the Great Lakes region. Canada and the United States both consider The Great Lakes a treasure. The fact that a fifth of the world fresh water is in this region makes it crucial to keep it as clean as possible. Thus, all major works going on here must include proper waste disposal and management systems, such as what provides.
Skip rental services have to adhere to the environmental policies put in place in the region. Here’s how skip rental services influence the region.

Protects the Attractions

The Great Lakes has several attractions, which include:
a) Lake Michigan
b) Lake Huron
c) Lake Erie
d) Lake Ontario
e) Mackinac Island
f) Isle Royale National Park
g) Georgian Bay
h) Detroit River

The environmental policies put in place require proper waste disposal in these attractions. Therefore, waste needs to be disposed of properly. A huge number of visitors visit the areas. With such an amount of visitors, it is essential to have proper waste disposal areas. Development projects and businesses in the region can also produce a lot of waste that needs proper disposal. Skips placed strategically to provide a means of disposal that can be as large as necessary. These help keep waste such as plastics from finding their way to the attractions since the rental service will dispose of it responsibly. All materials, except the hazardous ones that have special disposal regulations, are eligible for disposing inside the skips.

Such materials include:
– Garden waste
– Wood
– Domestic waste
– Furniture
– Plastic
– Soil
– Construction waste
– Metal
– Non-electric fittings
– Bricks and rubble

Skips are essential in keeping the region and its attraction clean and safe, especially for marine life. However, as mentioned before, not all waste is eligible for disposal through the skip. Certain types of waste materials require disposal through different means than skips. These materials include:
– Asbestos
– Paint
– Tyres
– Chemicals
– Fluorescent bulbs
– Batteries
– Hazardous waste
– Electrical items
– Medical waste
– Compressed gas cylinders

Always check if the material you wish to dispose of is permitted or not. If not, you will have to look for safer disposal methods such as looking for a firm that handles disposal of such items or checking with manufacturers to determine whether they are recycling program for their products.

Ideal for Major Events

If you are going to conduct a major event around The Great Lakes region, you should visit the local authorities to confirm the requirements for holding it. Its necessary for one to think about waste, which will definitely be produced, will be disposed of. Hiring a skip is a great way to ensure the area is not littered. If you opt for a skip, you should also check with the authorities whether you need a skip rental permit.

Skip rental is good for just about any event that creates waste materials. Hire one to help keep the surroundings around The Great Lakes clean. The affordability, versatility, and convenience of skips make them perfect for this region since fewer waste disposal solutions are better or more environmentally friendly than skips.

Therefore, know the skip supplier locations and contact Skip Rental today to learn more about this effective waste disposal solution.

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