Trips from NYC to the Great Lakes Region (w/ Charter Limo Buses)

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The great lakes region is a beautiful and wonderful place to visit, however middle america is often simply views as the “Flyover states”, where coastal residents don’t visit inland and only fly from coast to coast. Hopefully we can help change this a bit by promoting some luxury trips from the big city of NYC to the great lakes area via luxury bus charters.

While riding on a bus might not seem like the best use of your time or the most fun experience, we aren’t talking about greyhound or peter pan brand bus routes. The party/limo bus charters are equipped with lots of luxurious features like TVs, sound systems, spacious seating and bar/coolers for drinks and refreshments.

When taking a trip with a large group (these buses can fit up to 50 people) the price is not that costly either. You can average it out to less than 100 dollars per person, which is less than a plane ticket (or even a train ticket at times). There are many different providers, include Party Bus Rentals NYC (, a provider who works exclusively in the NYC region but travels all around the US on their charter routes.

So next time you are considering a family vacation or a group trip, why not consider seeing more of your great country then simply the coastal states? Visiting the great states of Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, or even simply upstate New York (NY borders a great lake, you know). And take it from us, a luxury bus trip is one of the best ways to get around. You get to see the country, and relax as well.

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