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Great Lakes Clean Boat Initiative
Progress Report - May 2008
(printer-friendly PDF, 55.8 Kb)


Recreational boating is a hugely popular activity in the Great Lakes and a significant component of the region's economy. Nearly 4.3 million boats are registered in the eight Great Lakes states. These boaters spend nearly $16 billion dollars on boats and boating activities in a single year. The Great Lakes Regional Collaboration announced the Great Lakes Clean Boat Initiative in October 2007. The goal is to spread the message that recreational boaters can easily reduce the impact of their activities and help protect the Great Lakes by adopting some simple practices.

Through the Clean Boats Initiative, the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration will declare the 2008 boating season a summer-long celebration of sustainable recreational boating throughout the Great Lakes. The basin-wide "Clean Boats Every Day" Initiative will be highlighting the work of several national, state, and local outreach campaigns. Events will be held throughout the summer will teach participants how to inspect, clean, and drain their boats in order to prevent the spread of AIS.


  • An informal, multiple-agencies steering group has been established to help coordinate the effort.
  • Existing boater education and outreach materials is being compiled. This material will be available through the GLRC website.
  • Boater education events throughout the summer are also being compiled on the GLRC website.
  • A formal announcement to kick of the summer of events will be released shortly.

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Last updated: May 20, 2008

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